Yellow Is the Hottest Color in Home Painting - Natural Born Painters

Yellow Is the Hottest Color in Home Painting - Natural Born Painters

Home painting goes through trends much like any other creative endeavor. If you look at social media or interior design sites, you’ll likely see that one color has been trending heavily for several years now: yellow. Yellow is the hottest color for interior and exterior painting. You’ll likely see several different shades of yellow from muted tan to rich sunflower. There are several different reasons why yellow is trending. Here are a few of them.

Matching Yellow

Colors are typically divided into cool colors and warm colors. Typically, the left half of the color spectrum is considered warm; that is red, orange, and yellow. The right half is considered cool; that is blue, indigo, and violet. Green is somewhere in the middle. However, yellow is one of the colors that is easiest to match. It is near the middle of the color spectrum, which makes it easy to match with the left half or the right half of the spectrum. For example, yellow matches with red as well as it does with blue. You can even mix yellow to make new colors. Red and yellow makes orange; blue and yellow makes green.

Additionally, yellow comes in a wide variety of shades.

Shades of Yellow

Yellow, being one of the most versatile colors, can come in just about any shade. When it is mixed with white, yellow paint can be a subtle color that simply adds more depth to what would have been a white wall. Alternately, yellow can be as deep as an old gold or a goldenrod that is closer to brown than yellow. In the middle of that spectrum, you’ll find bright yellows such as sunflower or corn yellow.

Yellow Aging

Lastly, yellow is a very popular color because it ages so well. Other colors might look dirty or old as they fade. Many yellow shades look great as they age. A bright yellow that is bleached by the sun will fade to an off white or a pale yellow.

You’ll also be able to paint over yellow without worrying too much about the underlying color. That is because yellow matches with other colors so well. A layer of blue paint over your yellow wall might look slightly green but it won’t look bad.

For all of these reasons, yellow is the hottest color in home painting. It matches well with other colors, comes in a wide range of shades, and will age very well.

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