Boise Cabinet Painting & Refinishing

Natural Born Painters provides the very best in cabinet refinishing in Boise. With our factory like finish your cabinets will look better than new and transform your kitchen. Our cabinet painting & refinishing services extend beyond Boise! We work throughout the Treasure Valley and Valley County as well!

Should I Replace my Cabinets or Repaint them?

If you have wood cabinetry that you would like to give new life to there are two main options, painting the cabinets or refinishing the cabinets. Refinishing or painting your cabinets is the quickest and most affordable way to update the look of your kitchen or bathroom.

A common question we get about refinishing cabinets is if older more warn cabinets can be revived. While some damage may be hard to reverse there are many imperfections and signs of wear that can be fixed with refinishing.

Boise Cabinet Painting Options

Cabinet painting is one way to change the look of your cabinets without remodeling your kitchen or bath. Paint can add a whole new look to a room and give you a modern update on your cabinetry. The professionals at Natural Born Painters of Boise will prepare and clean the cabinets, prime them and then add paint. Depending on the type of cabinets you start with you may need to talk with the painter about the wood grain.

Boise Cabinet Refinishing Options

Refinishing your cabinets is another option. Renewing cabinets can allow you to restore them to their original beauty. Refinishing cabinets can remove dirt and grime, touch up any nicks or scratches and give you the beautiful cabinets you have been longing for with much less effort. Refinishing cabinets with Natural Born Painters is economical, convenient and cost effective.

When refinishing cabinets, you have the option to add color changing tints to the finish to slightly change the color of the cabinets while maintaining the natural beauty of the wood. A color change like this can help warm up a kitchen and make it feel more like home. It can also remove the yellowing that cabinet finishes experience over time.

There are many choices when it comes to repainting and refinishing cabinets and there are even more color and stain choices. We know that everyone has different taste but are confident we can meet your design needs with our color choices.

Cabinet Painting FAQs

How Long Does it Take to Paint My Cabinets? It depends on the size of your project. Small kitchens/baths may take 1-2 days while larger projects may take longer. We take the doors off-site to finish them and then bring them back to install once they’re done. We only do the bases in place at the house in an effort to reduce the inconvenience to the homeowner.

Does Your Quote Include All Materials? Yes. Our quote will be the final cost for the project and includes all material associated.

Do You Remove the Doors, Hardware and Hinges? We remove doors and hardware and replace them when the cabinets are finished along with bumpers on the backside of the doors and drawers.

Will You Be Able to See the Wood Grain Beneath the Paint? It depends on the cabinet. Usually you will see the grain but it will be filled in for a smooth finish.

Will There Be a lot of Odor Associated with the Paint? We work with low VOC (volatile organic compound) products as much as possible to keep the odor to a minimum. However, you will likely be able to smell the fresh paint for a few days after we’re done with the job.

Will There Be a lot of Dust Associated with Cabinet Painting?  We do a lot of masking to contain the dust and “booth” off the kitchen to keep as much dust isolated as possible.

Cabinet Toning as an Option!

Don’t want to paint or replace your cabinets? If you like the wood grain you have, but would still like a different look, consider cabinet toning as a process to change your overall look!

Toning your cabinets gives a fresh new look while maintaining the beautiful wood tones you have. It will give your cabinets a richer, darker appearance. It can also be used on front doors, hand rails, etc.

Toning Before & After

Cabinet door before and after toning
front door before toning
Improved curb appeal with front door after toning

Hear from Our Happy Customers!

“I couldn’t be more pleased with my newly refinished kitchen cabinets. Nick, Terry and Greg have done first class work, from explaining the process, matching my paint color, and answering my questions, to their attention to detail in their prep work, painting, and finish work. These gentlemen have a commitment to excellence.” Lily, Boise

“Natural Born Painters did a fabulous job on my kitchen, bathroom, and utility room cupboards. They were very professional, kind, and competent. I highly recommend them for any painting job you may need.” Carla, Meridian

How much does it cost to to paint a room?

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