Epoxy Floors in Boise

Let Natural Born Painters transform your garage floor with a new epoxy floor. We offer solid color, colored flakes, and other decorative type finishes. We like to keep it old school with real 2 part epoxy that will hold up for years to come. 2 Part epoxies are some of the hardest and best options for garage floors. There are many base colors and colored flakes to choose from.

Why Have an Epoxy Garage Floor?

There are many benefits to applying professional grade epoxy coatings:

  • Durability: Your floor takes a beating. Protect it against everything and anything you and your family can dish out!
  • Stain Resistant: Vehicles tend to leak an assortment of fluids. Epoxy coatings keep your floor looking like new regardless of what your car has to say about it!
  • Looks Great: A finished garage floor adds a certain element that many homeowners love. Be proud to open your garage and invite your friends and neighbors.

Natural Born garage epoxy floors are awesome for all homes in Boise. Give us a call if interested.


Special Epoxy Floor Project - The Ferrari Lair!

Our team created the perfect home for our clients’ incoming Ferrari! It’s been a dream of his to own one of these fine machines for years. Now that it’s coming true, he needed a “lair” when it’s not out prowling the Boise area streets.

We matched the paint scheme from Ferrari on the walls and the custom stripe along the floor. Check out the custom inlaid logos to provide the finishing touch! Can’t wait to see the Ferrari in its new home!

Ferrari Lair
Ferrari Lair 2

Watch us put down one of the iconic Ferrari logos! Looks great against that brand new epoxy floor!

How much does it cost to to paint a room?

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