Polyurea Concrete Floors in Boise

Garage floors and other concrete surfaces in your home and business will benefit greatly from the latest in concrete coatings, polyurea!

Polyurea is similar to more traditional coatings like epoxy that many of us are familiar with. The differences between the two is where polyurea stands out. Polyurea is also a two-part component similar to epoxy that hardens when combined and applied to your concrete surfaces. Polyurea is much tougher and longer lasting that epoxy meaning you can apply this material and virtually forget about it!

Which Concrete Coating Should You Use?

First and foremost is the cure time. This is especially important in high-traffic areas that cannot afford to be off-limits any longer than necessary. In many applications, the polyurea project can be completed in as little as one day! Compare that to epoxy which takes multiple days to cure and it is easy to see why this is a big selling point.

Polyurea can also be applied during a wider range of temperatures. The concrete coatings application company will have more opportunities to complete the job than with epoxy floors that have a more limited temperature application range. Polyurea can be applied as low as minus 30 degrees Fahrenheit to as high as 140 degrees!

Hire a Boise Polyurea Contractor

When you are ready to move forward with your concrete coatings project, trust a local Boise polyurea contractor with experience using this material.  This ensures the best outcome for your investment. Natural Born Painters is the company that Boise area residents and business owners turn to for polyurea floor coatings. Call us today at 208-861-9805 to schedule your free on-site consultation!

Polyurea floor application in Boise
Completed polyurea floor application in Boise

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