What Time of the Year Should You Paint Your House? - Natural Born Painters

What Time of the Year Should You Paint Your House? - Natural Born Painters

Painting a house is about more than just choosing a color and choosing a type of paint. You also need to consider the time of year you might paint your home. Every season is going to have some difficulties related to weather. However, certain times are better than others depending on where you live. For example, winter in the northeast might be a poor time to paint a house because it is very cold and the days are very short. However, winter in the southeast might actually work out because the temperature might still be within the optimal range for the paint you choose.


The Temperature

 You should consider the high temperature and the low temperature for the day on which you are painting your house. The paint cures as it is drying, which allows it to form a tight bond with the home’s walls. To cure properly, it needs to go through a slow, deliberate drying process. If the weather is too hot, it might dry too quickly. If the weather is too cold, it will dry quickly. Alternately, if the weather outside is too dry, the paint will dry too quickly. Humid weather will prevent it from drying in a timely manner.

Ideally, you should choose a warm day with low humidity. The paint that you choose will likely have a list of ideal temperatures on the can. If you can, pick a time of year that falls within those parameters.


The Precipitation

 In addition to the temperature, you need to worry about the amount of rain. Humidity will slow down the drying process. Rain can cause the paint to run and ruin tat coat. It can also ruin your driveway, windows, and wherever the paint runs. So, obviously, you want to choose a time of the year that doesn’t have much rain. Furthermore, you should check the schedule for a block of at least three days with very low rain chances. That will give you the best chance of getting your painting done and dried before it rains again. Depending on the type of paint you use, you might need to apply multiple coats. Some paints will dry enough for a second coat within a few hours. Others will need a full 24 hours. Take that into account when planning.

If your paint needs 24 hours before reapplying and you want to apply two coats, you’ll need 48 hours plus painting time. So, you should look for about four days with low rain chances.

Warm, dry weather is optimal time for painting a house. That will be different times of the  year in different parts of the country.

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