The Hottest Exterior Paint Colors - Natural Born Painters

The Hottest Exterior Paint Colors - Natural Born Painters

Few things revitalize the look of a house like a few coats of exterior paint. Painting your house is a great way to make it look like new, cover up some blemishes, and even improve your climate control. Several new types of paint have been proven to resist staining for longer, protect the exterior better, and even reduce heating and cooling costs. However, the first order of business is choosing a paint that looks good. Here are some of the hottest home painting trends.


All Black

 All black might seem like a scary choice, but a few accents can keep your home from looking like a haunted house. Black is a very dynamic color that will pop against any homes in your area. Black can also be a great choice if you live in a cooler climate. Black paint has been known to collect heat from the sun. Some research has found that dark colors can be as much as twenty degrees warmer than white paint. That’s maybe not what you want if you live in a very hot environment, but in a cool area, it could reduce your heating costs.

To keep the black from looking too imposing, consider pairing it with a few accents such as light-colored shutters. White trim and white shutters could look very dynamic. Light blue or yellow could soften the black without being too stark of a contrast.


All White

 On the completely opposite end of the spectrum, all white is growing in popularity. White has long been a popular color for homes, but all white hasn’t been as popular. Typically, white ias paired with black shutters, gray trim, or something to offset the white. The trend currently is white with white trim, white shutters, and much more. You can even pair it with a white roof.

For very hot environments, white could reduce your cooling costs during the summer.


Front Door Contrast

 Some people who want to create an exciting new look for their homes decide not to paint the entire house a bold color; instead, they paint just the front door. That’s a trend that’s growing in popularity. Many homeowners are choosing to paint their front doors bright red, bold blues, or similar striking colors.

These different house painting trends are the ones most likely to withstand the test of time. There are some other trends that come and go, but the ones listed here are very promising.

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