The benefits of washable interior paint - Natural Born Painters

The benefits of washable interior paint - Natural Born Painters

If you’re a parent, have dogs, or simply live a typical life, you’ve probably encountered scuff marks and dirt on your walls. Children’s hands and feet frequently come into contact with the walls, resulting in various messes. Using washable interior paint can greatly simplify the task of cleaning your walls. By ensuring that your walls always appear fresh and clean, regardless of the challenges life presents, you can maintain a wonderful and inviting atmosphere in your home.

Washable paint is beneficial for various rooms in a home, especially those that experience high traffic or are prone to messes and stains. Kitchens, for instance, can greatly benefit from washable paint as it can easily withstand splatters, grease, and food stains that commonly occur in cooking areas. Similarly, washable paint is an excellent choice for bathrooms, where moisture and steam can lead to unsightly marks and mold growth. Kids’ playrooms and bedrooms also benefit from washable paint, as it allows for easy removal of crayon marks, fingerprints, and accidental spills. Additionally, laundry rooms, entryways, and hallways, which often endure heavy foot traffic, can stay looking fresh and clean with washable paint. By using washable paint in these rooms, homeowners can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing their walls can be easily maintained and kept in pristine condition.

What is washable paint?

Washable paint stands out from other interior paints due to its specialized formulation that prioritizes stain resistance and ease of cleaning. This type of paint has been specifically engineered to resist the formation of unsightly marks and stains, and it can be easily washed using just soap and water. Unlike some paints that may lose their shine or sustain damage when washed, washable paint is designed to withstand the washing process without any negative effects.

Washable, paint finish options

Paint is available in various finishes, such as eggshell, flat, high gloss, or semi-gloss. When using washable paint, you have similar options for different sheen levels. Sheen refers to the amount of light the paint reflects. Matte paint, for example, has a low sheen level of around 10%, while high gloss paint has a much higher sheen level of about 70%.

Eggshell and semi-gloss finishes are popular choices as they offer a satin appearance, reflecting some light but not too much. High gloss finishes, on the other hand, are commonly used for doors, trims, or areas with high foot traffic. However, it’s worth noting that high gloss paint tends to show more marks and scuffs, which is why many people prefer to avoid this sheen level.

When it comes to washable paints, professionals often recommend a high gloss finish for its durability. However, with advancements in paint technology, more sheen options have become available in washable paint, allowing homeowners to choose their desired sheen level based on personal preference, rather than solely focusing on durability.

On a side note, if you’re seeking to enhance the durability of your walls, incorporating wainscoting can be an excellent solution. Wainscoting involves adding a lower section of wall covering, often made of wood or other materials, and it can be painted with a high gloss washable paint. This not only adds a visually appealing touch to your walls but also serves as a protective barrier for your sheetrock. Wainscoting, along with other trim styles, is particularly advantageous for high-traffic areas that may require increased stain resistance. It’s a practical and stylish option to consider for enhancing the longevity of your walls.

Cost impact on paint durability

When it comes to selecting a high-quality paint for your home, price does tend to have an impact. While the cost of different paints may appear arbitrary, there are genuine differences in the quality of paints available. Higher quality paints often come with a higher price tag, but it’s important to consider the benefits they offer in terms of livability and overall satisfaction.

If you’re opting for a flatter sheen, investing in more expensive paint options typically ensures a higher level of quality. These paints tend to have superior coverage, durability, and resistance to stains, making them a worthwhile choice for long-lasting and visually appealing results.

Now, for some fun ideas for kids’ areas, consider using chalkboard paint. It’s an excellent way to infuse a playful style into a room that is likely to endure a lot of activity and wear, such as a playroom. Chalkboard paint allows homeowners to create an interactive art space where children can freely express their creativity. It adds an exciting element to any room and encourages imaginative play.

In conclusion, opting for washable paint offers numerous benefits, such as easy cleaning and stain resistance, making it an ideal choice for households with children, pets, or areas prone to frequent contact. Remember to consider the appropriate sheen level for your specific needs and preferences. Additionally, when undertaking painting projects, it’s worth considering hiring a professional who can provide expert guidance, ensure a flawless finish, and save you time and effort in achieving the desired results.


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