Removing Lead Based Paint on Commercial Properties - Natural Born Painters

Removing Lead Based Paint on Commercial Properties - Natural Born Painters

Lead based paint is a huge deal because of the health impacts and life-threatening issues it can cause. Lead based paint is common in buildings and structures that were built prior to 1978 and the highest risk is in buildings built before 1950. Commercial structures of all kinds can contain lead paint including schools, banks, apartments and more.

If you need to have lead based paint removed you will need to hire a company prepared to deal with this harmful material. The removal will need to be done correctly to reduce the chances of exposure or contamination. If you do not know if your building contains lead based paint you can have a contractor detect lead to see if you have a lead issue. When dealing with processes like paint removal you will need to be prepared in advance for how the process goes, safety precautions and other important factors.

If you are hiring a professional to deal with lead paint removal you will want to be sure they are trained and certified in the EPA guidelines. If they are not trained with EPA guidelines do not let them work on your lead paint removal.

The abatement process is very important and all stages should be done with the proper safety procedures. The right equipment and proper safety procedures are vital. The proper equipment includes respiratory protection, HEPA attachments for your vacuum, protective eyewear, restriction signs to help inclose the area. Suits and gloves are also needed for crew members and protect them from the harmful materials. Sheeting should also be used to protect the area below and around the area to minimize dust and paint chip deris. There are four basic techniques for dealing with lead paint. The methods are encapsulation, enclosure, removal as well as replacement. The method you use for dealing with lead paint will vary based on the specifics of your building and job. There are methods that allow you to create a seal with special coatings to encapsulate the lead paint and others allow you to enclose the lead based paint by replacing the covering with a new solid covering. Both the encapsulation and enclosure method deal with the lead based paint but do not remove it. Removal is a big process and uses a lot of specialty equipment and techniques to removal the lead pain. Sanders and heat guns are some of the ways you can remove the paint. Hand scraping is also a big part of this process and can be a timely endeavour.

Replacing the walls, window sills or other areas the paint is present is more costly but can often safe a great deal of time. There are still safety measures to be considered when replacing areas affected by lead based paint.

Hiring a professional that understands the safety measures and techniques is very important when dealing with lead paint. This project is about much more than cosmetics and the health implications are very serious.

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