Planning for a House Exterior Paint - Boise Exterior Painting Tips

Planning for a House Exterior Paint - Boise Exterior Painting Tips

If you are planning to paint the exterior of your home you are likely looking at color schemes and wondering what colors are in style and on trend. There are a lot of classic color schemes that are still great choices but sometimes it’s nice to shake things up and add fun pops of color to your home. A good exterior paint contractor will typically talk about a scheme that contains three colors- a dominant color that is used for the house, a trip color and an accent color. These colors can really affect the appearance of your home and the curb appeal.

First you will want to consider if you are looking for a cool, warm or neutral color palette. After you choose a palette you can start looking at some of the color schemes we have outlined below as well as other color schemes. There are some important things to know- lighter colors are great for small lots with large homes because it helps to make it look balanced, darker exterior colors can make your home look smaller. Stay true to the architecture of the home, if you live in a spanish style home choosing a palette that has spanish style colors will be the best fit for the home.

Gray is still a hot color for homes and can pair well with a lot of accent colors. Stormy gray with bright white trim and paprika red accents is a beautiful unique color palette. A paprika red door can be a great focal point while not being too much for a more conservative onlooker. The gray will really make the accent and trim pop as well as be a great backdrop for the landscaping.

Yellow homes may not be something you see everyday but a buttercream yellow paint job is on trend and radiates positive energy. Pairing a buttercream yellow main color with white and black accents and trip is bold without being offensive and improve the curb appeal.

Finally our boldest look yet- white, aquamarine and tangerine. Before you run away screaming here us out. This color scheme does fit every home but it can be a great trendy look for colonial homes, coastal homes and people that like a little extra pizzazz. Imagine a predominately white home with aquamarine trip and bold tangerine door. This color scheme is sure to turn heads.

While choosing paint for your home is a personal choice and based on personal preference there are some tips we want to pass on as well. First, consider the permanent attributes of your home like the architectural design, the roof color and any rock work. Finding a scheme that works well with these features will ensure a cohesive look.

Also, consider the color schemes of your neighbors homes to ensure you will not be a sore thumb among the other homes. Also, don’t forget to consult your HOA just to be safe!

Look into any local ordinances that may affect the painting of your home and also consider regional or historical color schemes for a traditional and timeless look.

We hope these tips help make the color choices easier and a positive experience.

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