Painting Kitchen Cabinets | Save Time and Money!

Painting Kitchen Cabinets | Save Time and Money!

There is a lot of information online about painting kitchen cabinets. But, be aware that not all of it is good advice! Not all kitchen cabinets can be painted. However, there are many circumstances in which they can be painted which saves you money and time over replacing cabinets.

First, you must determine if your cabinets are good candidates for painting. Here are a few things to consider:

  • Are the cabinets in good condition?
  • Is the overall style and design of the cabinets something you still want/like?
  • Are the cabinets in good shape structurally, but you want to update the look?
  • Is the timetable or budget for your project relatively small?
  • Tearing your kitchen apart is not an option!

Now that you know whether your cabinets can or should be painted, you will need to decide if this is a DIY project or if you should hire a professional painting contractor that specializes in cabinets. Repainting cabinets is a big project and should not be taken on without a lot of thought and consideration. The reality of repainting cabinetry is that it is a job best left to professionals. It can be difficult, and the lack of experience may show in the quality of the finished product. Kitchens are also high traffic spaces and high wear spaces. The finished product needs to be flawlessly applied and rugged to withstand all the use.

There are a lot of steps involved in the process if you choose to do it yourself. First, you will need to remove all the hardware. Then the cabinet surfaces need to be prepared by cleaning and sanding. An article on, points out that, “Old cabinets are covered with everything from hand oils to greasy smoke residue to petrified gravy”, all of which must come clean first. The sanding process is vital to ensuring the paint adheres to the cabinets properly. After sanding, the area is prepared with tape and drop cloths. Then the layers of paint can be applied. A coat of primer is applied first and then two or three layers of paint depending on the specific cabinet colors. After all the paint is applied and been given proper time to dry, the hardware can be reinstalled. While these steps may seem easy, they require a lot of finesse and skills to be properly executed.

Repainting cabinets can give a quicker, and more cost-efficient face lift to any kitchen remodeling project. Hiring a professional ensures the cabinets are properly prepared and painted, leaving the best look possible!

How much does it cost to to paint a room?

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