How to Repaint And Stay Open for Business - Natural Born Painters

How to Repaint And Stay Open for Business - Natural Born Painters

Painting your business can give it a fresh look and demonstrate to your customers that you take pride in your establishment. A well-maintained storefront can convey a professional image and enhance customer experience. Revamping the exterior with updated colors and style can also signal a commitment to growth and innovation.

However, painting can disrupt daily operations, and closing your location can impact sales. Fortunately, there are ways to minimize the impact on your business while still getting the job done. With proper planning, you can ensure that your customers’ needs are met during the painting process. Commercial painters are experienced in working with businesses to minimize disruptions and complete the job efficiently.


To minimize the impact on your business, consider scheduling your painting project during off-hours or slower periods. If your business has specific hours of operation or days of closure, discuss this with your contractor to see if they can accommodate working during these times. Commercial contractors are often flexible and can work during evenings or weekends when stores are closed. Slow times, such as seasonal or quieter days, may also be an ideal option for painting projects. By planning and coordinating with your contractor, you can ensure minimal disruption to your business operations while still achieving a freshly painted and updated look.

Working Hours

If your business has set closing hours or days off, it may be possible to schedule your painting project during those times. You can discuss this with your contractor and arrange for a weekend or night time project that won’t interfere with your business operations. Commercial contractors are often accustomed to working outside of normal business hours. Another option is to plan your painting project during your slower periods, such as seasonal lulls or quieter days. This will allow the project to be completed without disrupting your regular business operations.

Temporary Changes

Having employees work from home during the painting project is another option to minimize disruptions to day-to-day business operations. This can be a good solution if the painting project is expected to take a few days or longer. It would require temporary changes to work arrangements, such as setting up remote access to work systems and coordinating communication channels. However, it can allow the painters to complete the project quickly and without disrupting the work environment.

Notify Customers

It’s important to communicate any upcoming painting projects to your customers and staff as early as possible to minimize disruptions. Consider posting signs in your business and notifying staff to help manage customer expectations. Utilize social media posts, email newsletters, and other communication channels to keep everyone informed about the remodeling project. The more notice you give, the easier it will be for customers and staff to make arrangements and plan accordingly.

Containment Area

Installing containment barriers is a great way to minimize the mess and fumes when painting in zones. Air quality is an important consideration when it comes to painting, and your contractor can help with this process. Factors such as ventilation, air movement, and containment should be taken into account when painting in an occupied space. Creating an unoccupied buffer zone is another effective method for reducing fumes and noise. This buffer zone allows you to keep customers and employees away from the construction, so both the contractors and employees can work efficiently.

Prepare for Complaints

It’s important to address customer complaints and concerns during a renovation project. Communication is key, so keep customers informed and post updates on social media to showcase the improvements being made. Remember that remodeling shows customers that you care about your business and their experience with it. With careful planning and communication, it’s possible to operate your business during a renovation project and come out with a beautiful, updated space that enhances your brand and customer relationships.


In conclusion, remodeling your business through painting can greatly improve the appearance of your establishment and show your customers that you care about their experience. While the process of painting may be disruptive to day-to-day operations, there are ways to minimize the impact on customers and employees. Planning ahead, communicating with customers and employees, and working with a professional contractor can help ensure a successful and efficient painting project. The end result will not only improve the aesthetic of your business but also potentially improve customer satisfaction and sales.

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