How to Keep Freshly Painted Walls Clean for Years - Natural Born Painters

How to Keep Freshly Painted Walls Clean for Years - Natural Born Painters

When you have a freshly painted home, you want to ensure that it stays as bright and vibrant as possible. With the amount of people coming and going, however, your walls can be tested. Luckily, there are quite a few easy steps to take to make sure your walls keep the same look that they started out with until you’re ready for a new look and can get them painted again by a Boise painter!

Dust Regularly

The simplest way to maintain your beautifully painted walls is by incorporating some dusting into your cleaning routine. While it might not seem like much, going through your room with a Swiffer or even running a dust brush on a vacuum over them is a great way to improve the length of time they keep their vibrancy. No matter what type of paint used on your walls, dusting can remove those little particles quickly without requiring much additional attention.

If you feel that there are still some stick dust pieces on the wall, wipe them down with a clingy cloth and you should notice a difference. You shouldn’t need to take down any decorations you have hanging up, as dust isn’t typically trapped behind them. In some areas you might also notice that your ceiling has trapped some dirt and dust as well – by using the same dusting technique we listed above, however, you should be able to clean it off. This is often possible on a textured ceiling as the different raised areas can make it easy for dust to cling to, although air circulation from vents can also be a factor.

Washing Where Needed

You might feel silly doing so, but physically washing the walls is another great way to prolong your wall paint. Before starting, however, test a small spot of your wall to ensure the paint does not easily come off (while this most likely won’t happen, you should always check first just in case). For normal rooms, this does not need to be done frequently. For rooms like the bathroom and kitchen which get a lot of moisture and particles in the air, however, should be cleaned around once a year. This process does not need to be anything fancy, as you’re really just trying to get off the small amount of buildup that has accumulated on the walls themselves since the paint has been applied.

You can wash your walls with a simple gentle soap and water mix. Dip a sponge into the solution and start from the bottom, gradually rubbing upwards. It’s important to note that at no point should you be trying to soak your wall with the sponge and water mix because doing so can damage the paint and drywall underneath. Once you have washed the walls, go back through with a towel to dry it off. Placing an oscillating fan in these rooms to ensure everything is dry is another good idea to incorporate. While this might not seem incredibly important to do, it really does have a lasting effect on how your walls will look – especially if you have used a paint that easily shows dirt.

Quick Touch-Ups

In some cases, dusting and washing just won’t do the trick, especially if there is damage. As you go through with your routine dusting, inspect your paint job to ensure there are no scuffs or scratches in the walls. When you find some damage (and you will, nothing stays perfect forever!), don’t fret! Take a closer look to make sure that it’s not an underlying issue like water damage which would require a different solution. If there is a hole, make sure you fill it in and allow the product to dry first before painting.

Once you’ve figured out if there were any other issues related to the damage, go ahead and get out your paint and brush. Carefully pry open the can of paint and stir with a paint stick to ensure you have the same color as when it was first applied. While you have the paint out, make sure there are no other scuffs you can fix while you are at it! When you are done, leave the area to dry without touching it for a couple hours (depending on how large the area – the bigger it is, the longer you should leave it to dry without touching it).

Why You Should Use a Boise Painter

Painting a house can take an immense amount of time and energy, especially when you are just moving into a new home. Using a Boise painter can make the job much easier and smoother – and you’ll notice the difference it makes! Professional painters are well prepared with state-of-the-art equipment that makes a perfect finish every time. Instead of spending days trying to get every room painted, professional painters can get a job done in as little as a day of painting, depending on how large of a home you have. Painters aren’t only used when you first move into your home, either! If you decide ten years down the road that you want to change the decoration style inside your home, simply hire your favorite Boise painter again to get the job done.

People that paint the inside of their home on their own often make mistakes by getting paint on the ceiling and trim. Using a professional means you know you’ll get the best quality look – with none of those annoying mistakes you’ll notice years and years down the road! Even for tricky areas like staircases and vaulted ceilings, painting experts have no trouble. Additionally, you never have to worry about safety when a professional is in your home because they have the experience and tools needed to keep everyone safe. With all the proper insurance and licensure, you will never need to worry about Natural Born Painters inside of your home. Whether you are a new homeowner or want a new look for your home, give us a call today!

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