Would You Like the Most Unique Home on the Block? - Natural Born Painters

Would You Like the Most Unique Home on the Block? - Natural Born Painters

When you’re considering painting your home, you likely have many different motivations. Paint makes an old home look brand new, protects the exterior from damage, and can even aid in climate control. However, many people have another motivation for painting; they want their homes to stand out amongst their neighbors. If that’s the case with you, there are many ways to paint your home so it’s the most unique one on the block.



 Black exterior paint has long been considered taboo; only haunted houses were painted black. However, all of that is changing. There are several innovative ways to paint your home black; also, it will definitely stand out among the rest.

One of the most important things to keep in mind is how dark black paint can be. Furthermore, the black will accumulate in a way. Black trim or a black door won’t make the home look dark, for example. However, painting the entire facade black will make the home dark. Pair it with a black roof and it gets even darker. So, when you’re painting your home black and want to avoid looking like a haunted house, be sure to use bright accents. One great option is to pair it with a roof that is not black. Typical asphalt shingles are speckled grayish black but you can find roofing in many other shades. A different shade of roof will break up the black and brighten up your home.


All White

 White is not a very adventurous color for a home’s exterior. It’s one of the most common colors and has been for decades. However, that white exterior is normally paired with some colored accents such as doors, door frames, windows, shutters, and porches. The new trend, though, is for all-white exteriors. That means the walls are painted white as are the doors, frames, shutters, and porches. Some houses go as far as even painting the roof white.

The all-white look is a very classic look that evokes colonial farmhouses. When you pair it with white doors and white roofs, it becomes something brand new entirely.



 Green is a popular color for homes, especially ones that have large lawns. If you have a green lawn, a green home will accent the color of the grass. If you have flowers in the lawn, pairing them with a door that matches them in bloom will also enhance the color. A green house with a red or yellow door and flowers in the yard creates a very unified look.


How much does it cost to to paint a room?

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