Popular Paint Trends in Arid Environments - Natural Born Painters

Popular Paint Trends in Arid Environments - Natural Born Painters

If you live in most of the United States, there are dozens of different house painting trends at any time. You just need to make sure that you pick a weekend that is warm and dry enough for the paint to be applied, dry, and cure. That eliminates the hottest days of summer typically and the wettest days as well. However, the Southwest is a fairly unique part of the country. It is drier than any other part of the country. It has lower humidity than any other part of the country as well as less precipitation. That has obviously affected the environment; in turn, that has affected house painting trends. So, what are the hot trends in the dry parts of the country?


Desert Tones

 For several reasons, desert tones have long been popular in the Southwest. They are surging again in popularity. Those tones are colors such as sand, adobe, and clay. The original houses in that region were built from natural resources; thus, they are desert tones by necessity. As housing became more modern, many people trended towards more bold colors. That pendulum is swinging back lately. You can find several new paint colors available from a wide range of manufacturers. Many of them are available in flat or matte.


Flat or Matte

 Typically, satin is very common for exterior paint. A satin paint reflects ome light with a small amount of shimmer but not as much as semi gloss or gloss. However, in the Southwest, matte or flat has been trending. Matte or flat finishes do not have any sheen. Desert tones are often available in matte or flat for several reasons. For one, a glossy tan or a glossy brown would look fairly odd. Secondly, the desert that the colors intend to mimic are not generally very glossy. The desert floor is not known for being particularly vibrant.


Matching Plants

 Lastly, it is popular for colors used on exteriors to match the plants in the yard. Drought-tolerant plants have been experiencing a surge in popularity as homeowners become more conscious of the amount of water they consume to keep a lawn. They’ve moved towards cacti and succulents that are native to the area. Also, they’ve begun painting their homes to match those plants. It’s especially popular to paint a home desert colors while using a more vibrant plant color for trim.

For example, a home might be sandy brown with green shutters and doors. That color combination blends several desert trends.

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