The Next Level of Garage Floor Coatings – Polyurea - Natural Born Painters

The Next Level of Garage Floor Coatings – Polyurea - Natural Born Painters

If you have ever been in a garage that has a beautiful epoxy floor finish, you know how impressive it can be. The whole space looks cleaner, is easier to maintain and stands out from the other garages you have been in. Now you can have the next level of garage floor coatings. Epoxy is more often being replaced by Polyurea.

What is Polyurea?

Like epoxy floors, polyurea is a 2-part component that cures when mixed together. It becomes very hard, very fast. This means that a flooring surface that may have taken a few days to complete, can now be done in as little as one day. From start to finish, the polyurea flooring properties are tailor made for quick applications.

How does Polyurea differ from Epoxy Flooring?

Aside from the faster cure times associated with polyurea, this cutting-edge product can be applied in a higher range of temperatures. Polyurea can be applied from minus 30 degrees Fahrenheit to 140 degrees. This gives the applicator far more opportunity to get the job completed. Prior to this, the temperature played a major role in when epoxy could be applied.

Trust a Local Garage Floor Coatings Company

Polyurea is a little more complex to apply than your typical home improvement store epoxy floor coatings. That does not mean you cannot do it yourself; it just means you will need to do more research to make sure it is right for your floor. It is always best to trust a local garage floor coatings company to handle this type of work. Improper application will cost you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, along with countless wasted hours. Do yourself a favor a hire an experienced garage floor company!

How much does it cost to to paint a room?

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