Picking the Right Company to Paint your Stucco Home

Picking the Right Company to Paint your Stucco Home

When picking a company to add a splash of color to your home or even refresh the look of your home’s exterior there are a few things to look for when picking a business to help out. Some of these ideas are; are they local, how do they prepare the outside of your house before they start, how do they repair the small cracks or damages to your stucco, and what techniques do they use when painting.

Think Local First

Why is it important for a company that you do business with to be local? Besides the simple fact that large national chains are not the businesses that are supporting your local Little League Baseball team, there are other reasons too. If the company you are looking into is from your area they will also know the climate and different specific needs your stucco might need when being painted.

Check Their Reputation Online

A company that you choose should be one that shows respect for your home and property too. When they come in and prepare your property for painting are they looking for areas that might get some “overspray”, and protecting it so that you don’t have to fix things that didn’t need painted. A good place to find out about the company’s reputation is to look at their Google reviews. If a person isn’t happy with the service provided you can almost guarantee they will write about it.

Have Experience with Repairing Stucco

Boise stucco paintingMost stucco over the years will show signs of damage and need of repair. When a company comes out to paint the stucco they should prep the damaged areas and make the necessary repairs that are needed. If there is a crack, if you have stucco then you will have cracks, make sure they aren’t going to just paint over the cracks. They should be filling the cracks and making proper fixes to the stucco before they begin to paint. It’s important that the stucco painting company you use spray and back roll the stucco at least a couple of times. This ensures all the stucco cracks are filled in! Be careful of companies that want to caulk your cracks. This could lead to a smoother look that shines after the final paint is applied, leaving an unnatural look.

Painting techniques might vary based on who is painting and who taught the person how to paint. Painting stucco is not like painting your normal flat surfaces. The painter needs to paint from multiple angles to catch every part of the surface of the stucco. The painter needs to be using as much care when painting these different textures so that they don’t miss little spots. Also what kind of paint are they using. Are they using a flat finish or a satin finish. Each has their own benefits.

Hire a Boise Stucco Painting Company

These are just a few suggestions when you are looking for a painter. Ultimately the choice is yours, but this might give you a place to start if you aren’t sure what to look for when you are choosing a painter for your stucco. When in doubt, hire a local Boise stucco painting company to ensure your best results!

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