Paint Before Moving In - Natural Born Painters

Paint Before Moving In - Natural Born Painters

One of the best painting choices you can make is to paint your home before you move in. Painting before you move in saves a lot of headaches. Once all the furniture is in and the space starts to take shape you will likely put off painting.

Painting before you move in makes it easier to paint the trim and ceiling without having to move all the furniture away from the walls and drape it. Painting the ceiling can cause some paint to fall so you have to be very careful with your furniture and other exposed parts of your home.

Painting before you move in means your closets can be painted as well. Closets are often neglected but can benefit from a fresh coat of paint just like any other room. Painting the closet after you move in means you will almost need to move out again. A professional painter can even paint shelving units in your closet to help freshen everything up and give you a blank slate.

If you are unsure what color you will want down the road you can paint the whole house a nice white or other neutral which will give you a great canvas if you want to add an accent or different wall color later. No one wants to live in a house with paint colors they hate. Starting back with white walls can be a great way to love your house without having to be married to a new wall color.

Painting prior to moving in also means you will be out of the house when the chemicals are being sprayed. Paint contains VOCs which can be toxic. There are low and zero-VOC paints but they can still smell and give you a headache. Being away from the house during this process is ideal.

Painting without furniture and belongings in the house makes the process faster and easier for homeowners and professionals.

How much does it cost to to paint a room?

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