How To Mix Your Own Latex Paint? - Natural Born Painters

How To Mix Your Own Latex Paint? - Natural Born Painters

Paint can get expensive, especially if you paint often. That often results in shelves that are loaded with cans of half-used paint in all different colors. You don’t want to throw them away because recycling paint is sometimes a hassle, and you might need the bits of paint again to cover up scratches or stains. However, they’re not doing you any good just sitting on the shelf. So, what should you do. Well, you could consider mixing your own paint. If you already have a large amount of different colors, you’ll want to mix ones that will make colors you like. However, if you are looking to start painting for the first time, you should consider starting with cans of white paint.

What You’ll Need

You’ll need paint that serves as the base for your new paint color. You’ll also need something to color the paint. You’ll need paint sticks to help mix the paint. If you have a drill, a paint mixing attachment can save you a lot of time and effort.

What You’ll Do

To mix the paint, you should keep in mind that you can always go darker. Going lighter is slightly more difficult because you’ll have to add more and more white paint. If you are starting with white paint and tinting it, that’s not a problem. If you’re mixing cans of paint you already have in various colors, going lighter could be difficult. Start as light as possible and gradually go darker.

An empty paint can is a great way to mix the paint. Pour the lightest color you have into the paint can. Then pour the desired tint into the can too. Pour less than you think you will need. You can use another color of paint, or you can use a tint tube specifically designed for that purpose. Just make sure you’re mixing latex paint with latex or oil with oil. The two do not mix.

If you’re mixing with a stick, it will take you about twenty minutes of mixing and adding until you get the color you’d like. Make sure you mix from the bottom up; the paint tends to settle if you’re not careful. If you’re mixing with the paint attachment on a drill, you should also be mixing from the bottom up. It’s important that you put the attachment fully into the paint can before turning it on. If you don’t, you could send paint flying in all directions. Mix to the desired color and get to painting.

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