How to Choose The Right Color for Your Conservatory - Natural Born Painters

How to Choose The Right Color for Your Conservatory - Natural Born Painters

Many homes have a conservatory or an orangery; some people call this a sunroom. They are traditionally rooms where plants are grown during the winter. They were first made popular by wealthy homeowners in the United Kingdom. Now, an orangery or a conservatory is likely just a room with many windows where you can sit and relax. You can enjoy the sunlight without worrying about the overall weather outdoors. An orangery will have more of a solid wall than a conservatory; conservatories are overwhelmingly glass windows. However, both of them have to have some walls. So, how should you paint them?


Maximize the Sunlight

 One method for painting your sunroom is to maximize the sunlight. You can maximize the sunlight with the color as well as the glass on the paint. Paints can range from matte to glossy. A semi-gloss or a glossy paint will reflect more light than a satin or a matte finish; that’s why they are shiny. If you want to reflect as much sunlight as possible, a semi-gloss or gloss is preferable.

You should also consider the colors that will maximize the sunlight. Lighter colors are lighter because they reflect more light; dark colors absorb more light and color, which is why they’re dark. So, a light color will make the room a little bit brighter; it will also make it feel brighter. White is an obvious choice, but many people also choose something like light blue or straw yellow.

You can also influence the color of the light with your paint. Sunlight is a full-spectrum light that changes as the day goes on. Midday sun is very hot and trends towards blue in color; late day sun is much redder. If you want to highlight the late day sun, you could paint your conservatory yellow or pale orange. If you want to maximize the summer sun, a bluish color would be ideal.


Maximize the Temperature

 Depending on where you live, you might want to maximize certain temperatures. Someone living in the Southeastern United States might want to keep their conservatory as cool as possible. Someone living in the Northeast might want to capture as much warmth as possible.

A darker color will absorb more light; therefore, it will absorb more heat. That will help your conservatory stay a degree or two warmer throughout the day.  Lighter colors will help it cool a little faster.

How much does it cost to to paint a room?

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