Five Trending Colors in Home Painting - Natural Born Painters

Five Trending Colors in Home Painting - Natural Born Painters

Painting a house can be as much a work of art as it is one of craft. The paint scheme of your house is how you distinguish yourself from your neighbors and create the image you’d like to project. For those reasons, home painting goes through trends much like any other art field. Currently, several different trends are on the rise in home painting.


Black is a striking color for a home’s interior and one that homeowners have long shied away from. Now, many homeowners are waking up to the possibilities of black. However, it has to be handled properly to avoid your home looking like a haunted house. The first option is actually the shade of black you would like. You can choose a true black that would need to be offset with some pops of color in your furniture, decorations, and trim. You could also choose a black that actually tends more towards gray. A dark gray will look black at night, but it will be more subtle during the daytime.

When you are considering black, you should work with a Boise painting company that will allow you to customize the color. Also, you should consider color for the accessories. A brightly-colored door and trim can offset the flatness of black. That will really make the colors pop, and your home might actually look brighter than it did before it was black.


Greige is a blend of gray and beige that has been popular with interiors for years. It’s popular with walls and flooring because it’s understated and neutral without being boring. Shades of beige and tan have long been popular with interiors. Greige can differentiate your home from those without being too distinct. Also, greige will look great for longer than other colors. It will hide dirt well, and as it fades, it will just fade to a lighter shade of the same color.

Bold Colors

Bold colors have long been popular in certain locations, such as New Orleans and San Francisco. The trend is spreading to other parts of the country now. House interiors are being painted in bright red, blue, pink, green, and several other colors. A bold color draws the eye to the room. It also helps each individual room stand out among all the rest. Bold colors tend to be offset by muted colors for the trim, curtains, and furnishing. Otherwise, a room might start to look somewhat cartoonish.

Eco-Friendly Options

Lastly, homes are being painted in ways that minimize their environmental impact. The simplest option is to paint a room white in a warm location. In a warm area, white reflects sunlight and prevents that heat from being absorbed by the walls. Since the walls aren’t as hot, the house does not require as much energy to cool. One study found that a white wall was as much as 30 degrees cooler than an unpainted brick wall. In cooler climates, homeowners might paint the interior a darker color. Dark colors absorb sunlight and help to warm up the walls.

Contact an Experienced Painter in Meridian

Certain kinds of paint have substances included in them that reflect or absorb heat, according to your needs. Homes with these advanced paints can save hundreds of dollars every year on heating. Get ahold with the Meridian painting team at Natural Born Painters to help you.

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