Add Personality: Add an Accent Wall - Natural Born Painters

Add Personality: Add an Accent Wall - Natural Born Painters

If you want to add personality and style to you may want to consider an accent wall. Accent walls are a great way to add a pop of color and style to a room without much cost or effort. Choosing the right color and interior wall is important and can make or break the project. Choosing the right color and wall is not the most important part of the project, hiring a professional to expertly execute the painting is also important. This will help the project be worry free and beautiful.

Choose the Right Wall to Highlight

First you need to choose the right wall. The wall should bring attention to a part of your home you want to highlight. It may be a wall with a fireplace, features a built-in shelve, or a beautiful hutch may be a great wall for an accent color. The accent wall will draw your attention so it is important to use the accent wall as a way to highlight spaces of your home. Painted walls can bring energy to a room or make it feel smaller. Choosing the right room to create the environment you are hoping for is also important. Some shades may be inviting and warm while others feel more claustrophobic or cold. Walls in the back of a room or on the side are generally better for accent walls than the front of a room.

Don’t Forget About Decorations

Accent walls also need to be decorated. If you want to use a darker color you may want to consider brighter wall art or furniture to highlight the color. Lighter accent walls can also showcase a dark piece of furniture better than a dark accent wall. Using simple color and shading rules to create a uniform look to your space is a great way to tie the space together.

Wallpaper can also be a great accent wall. Wallpaper is no longer dated but can be contemporary and chic and a great way to add style to your home. Wallpaper can also be painted in some situations so it allows you to add a texture or pattern to the wall while still tying the color into your space.

Painting an accent wall is a great way to add style to your home without spending a lot of money. A professional painter can make quick work of painting an accent wall without a lot of cost.

How much does it cost to to paint a room?

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